Living client to client, wondering how you’re going to ever get away from this feast or famine business model

Full of ideas but with zero confidence on how to execute any of them

Imposter syndrome creeping in at every turn and blinded by shiny object syndrome that makes you lose sight of why you started your business in the first place

Dreaming of those 4 and 5 figure months...

Listen, I’ve been there….

You will get out of this program what you put in.

Show up for the container, and for yourself because Courtney will most certainly do her part of showing up for you. If you are feeling in any way overwhelmed about how to do 'all the things' with your new business, Foundations will give you the clear actions to take to move the needle forward.”

 “I have gained in confidence in my ability to show up as an authority, and I feel much clearer on how I will be able to scale my business now that the foundational pieces have been fully explained. I am taking more strategic action to engage with my audience to initiate relationship building and sales conversations, whereas previously I was taking a much more passive approach which was seeing little result.

- Sarah O-Conner

Empowerment Coach

Foundations testimonial...

You’re building an empire this isn’t a “little job” or “side hustle” to you so let’s lay the foundation for major impact and income.

“I feel very confident lately and I really found my voice, and that's showing on how I connect with people. I have two new clients, I am seeing a lot more engagement, cultivating deeper relationships with cold leads, and I feel so aligned with my current services and creating an ebook to support the coaching + as a passive product to sell. I feel very good and auspicious :)” 

-  Neus Compano Rodoreda

Foundations testimonial...

Holistic Health Coach

I have gained more confidence in my sales ability and in my ability to simply have my own business and get clients. Foundations has helped me personally so much in all aspects of business. Courtney has a great mindset for business owners and when she doesn't have the knowledge herself she points you in the direction of someone who does/might or she helps you find it.

- Xevelia De La Cruz

Foundations testimonial...

Mindset Coach

Working with Courtney was a valuable experience. I’m feeling so confident now that I have the foundations behind my business, because before I didn't know what was missing! I feel more safe and calm and not stressed out about my business which is invaluable.

- Sophie Xouri

Foundations testimonial...

Finance Coach


My clients

Foundations is your step-by-step framework that will help you start & build a 6-figure business online. 

You’ll gain clarity through simplicity and learn how to take inspired action to scale your business with no BS systems, and strategies that ACTUALLY create profitable businesses.

Your follower count, experience or lack thereof doesn’t matter here… Foundations will give you the framework to attract and sign more clients online. This program is guaranteed to give you the foundational business building pieces you need to have a successful, sustainable, scalable business without spending thousands of dollars on paid ads, fancy funnels, or a custom website.

Inside Foundations we cultivate leaders, the women in this container become the future leaders in their industries. 

You’ll become part of an expansive community filled with support from the other amazing high minded, like minded women who said yes to their dream business, just like you did.

You’ll learn exactly what you need to know (niching, offer formulation, messaging, branding, social media, attraction marketing, sales & buyer psychology, systems, and so much more ) through our hybrid curriculum of live coaching and self paced modules.

Inside Foundations, you’ll gain access to UNLIMITED support inside our Facebook community with weekly live Q & A with Courtney herself- where no question is off limits, there will be hot seat coaching, expansive discussion, and quantum leaps in your business.

When you enroll..

With Foundations It's Hard to Fail

hello, social proof

 I created this container because I noticed a gap in the market. 

There are a number of programs and courses that promise to show you how to get the next big shiny thing and finally reach those 10K months BUT all that’s taught are tactics. The foundational business building pieces that need to be in place to actually reach those 10K months consistency aren’t taught.

“All clients have signed contracts and paid their first invoice. I signed 5 clients total. 4 in ONE week. What the f!?!?? 🤯 I need to go out and celebrate!!!! 🥳 Thank you so effing much. Ugh. You’re just out here changing lives like the angel that you are 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼”

- Gaby Fernandez

Foundations testimonial...

VA & VA Coach

You’re good as hell at what you do, but feel overwhelmed when it comes to marketing your business.

Your sales and marketing plan is copy & pasted from all the freebies you downloaded.

You’re not sure how to communicate your message or stand out and sell with authenticity.

 Imposter Syndrome and lack of confidence are keeping you from showing up. You don't know what to say and you're afraid to send a DM because you don’t want to be spammy.

​You want the time and freedom an online business can give you. Whether that's more time with the fur children or real children, or not losing hours of your day to the work commute.

You’re good as hell at what you do, but feel overwhelmed when it comes to marketing your business.

Your sales and marketing plan is copy & pasted from all the freebies you downloaded.

You’re not sure how to communicate your message or stand out and sell with authenticity.

Imposter Syndrome and lack of confidence are keeping you from showing up. You don't know what to say and you're afraid to send a DM because you don’t want to be spammy.

​You want the time and freedom an online business can give you. Whether that's more time with the fur children or real children, or not losing hours of your day to the work commute.



does THIS sound like 

You’ve had a few clients but can’t figure out how to sign clients consistently through social media.

You want to grow your online audience and position yourself as an authority but you don't know how to create content that will grow your audience.

 You're feeling burnt out AF; massively consuming content like it's your job, but there aren’t any sales to show for.

You want to stop flipping back and forth. You crave clarity that would help you create consistently.

You want to work from home, travel at a moment's notice, leave you 9-5 and finally make your own schedule.



Here we’re going to identify your current self concept and then deep dive into current habits that are holding you back from stepping into your 6 figure power. We'll spotlight those fear gremlins and behavioral thought patterns that are holding you back from reaching your goals and start to consciously reprogram these thought patterns so you can start to think, act and feel like a 6 figure earner.

Module 2:




We will break down the entire process of building & scaling a coaching business to 6-figures. You’ll understand what to focus on to grow your business, what organic systems and structures you need to have in place, how to be more productive in less time and identify gaps in your current business model. 

You’re going to learn how to identify your profitable niche. If you already have a niche, this process will teach the difference between your niche, ideal client avatar, and how to combine the two to craft a perfect “I help” statement. You’ll ditch the title of generalist and learn how to position yourself as a specialist, and then dive into market research so you can get inside the mind of your dream client and speak directly to them. Lastly, master your messaging and position yourself as an authority in your niche so you can become “that girl who does that thing.”

Module 1:

Module 3:



We’ll reverse engineer your programs, craft irresistible offers that align with your vision, deliver massive transformation to your clients and get you PAID. First we’ll outline a full product suite that aligns with your customer journey then focus on creating a high ticket offer that provides real results, and attracts high-paying clients who are so excited to work with you. We’ll cover pricing, how to package & structure your offers, and create an elevated client experience to generate testimonials & referrals so you always have a roster full of dream clients who love to invest in you.

Module 4:



If you aren’t generating sales, you don't have a business. We’ll help you generate sales with ease by implementing permission based relational selling techniques supported by their attraction marketing strategies. No icky, or pushy sales here. You’ll shift your entire mindset around selling and feel 100% confident about selling your offers and you’ll have that confidence mirrored back to as you close sale after sale. We’ll also learn why women buy, and high level tactics that will help you see the sales process from a whole new perspective.

Module 5:

soulful sales

Marketing &
Lead Generation 

Okay, let’s make you wildly profitable and in demand. Here you’ll learn how to use social media as a marketing tool to grow an engaged audience full of ideal clients. You’ll learn how to create content that attracts dream clients, makes you extremely visible, positions you as a nonnegotiable to your ideal client success and invites effortless sales conversations with potential clients. You’ll align your sales & marketing plan with the buyer journey turning your online presence into an organic sales funnel bringing new leads in and converting the ones you have on repeat.

Module 6:


embody your

We’re going to find your unique edge, together we’ll uncover your superpower and create a full experience brand around what makes you YOU. You’ll craft your brand story, find your signature framework and create an authentic personal brand that builds a connection with your audience and differentiates you from others in your niche allowing you to call in soulmate clients in only a way that YOU can, helping you scale so much faster.

Module 7:



We are going to teach you how to not only be an authority but a leader. We’ll push you out of your comfort zone and have you lead. Your audience is going to be magnetized to you because of the way you’re showing up so confident and sure about your business and your offers, that uncertainty you were feeling will disappear and be replaced unwavering faith and belief, and that will be the dominant vibe you project to your audience through every piece of content you create.

Module 8:

foundations breakdown FOUNDATIONS BREAKDOWN


By the end of Foundations you will:

​Have a 6-figure framework that supports your lifestyle and business.

Have increased your prices, created new irressible offers, and a roster full of ideal clients.

Have clear plans for your long-term vision, strategies that work for you, and an energetic sales process that feels easy.

Have confidence to scale your business to the next level and a supportive community cheering you on along the way.

inside foundations facebook group


what to expect


6 live calls to answer all of your burning questions. No more hours of searching Google.

Foundations Training Modules designed to give you clarity, guidance, and a system for success.

Action Item Worksheets to help you implement the strategies we've put in place. Along with sales scripts for everything from conducting market research in the DM's, Discovery Calls, to pitching on Instagram Story.

A private Facebook group. This community will be filled with support from the other amazing women who said yes to their dream business and joined, just like you!

From Courtney & various multiple leading experts in their industries.


Hey soul sister

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I’m Courtney Kimble and I created Foundations for women just like you because I know how it feels to be you. When I started in the online business space, I was just another coach with an audience full of friends (the few that stuck around after I switched my personal account into a business account)- I had no clients, no income and no clue what I was doing.

I was an expert with a degree and experience but there was a major learning curve. I didn’t know how the hell to sign clients online. All I wanted to do was empower women through entrepreneurship. I didn't realize doing that successfully meant I had to know how to communicate MY value as a business owner…. if you don’t know how to sell you won’t be able to create the impact or income you desire period.

I struggled for months, living client to client because I didn’t know what I actually needed to do to sign clients and grow this business so I decided I was going to learn EVERYTHING I needed to know and apply it in the the simplest way possible (yo girl is lazy lizard) because I knew it was the only way I could do the work I love and help others do the same.

This is how Foundations was born. I created a comprehensive framework, one I knew produced results because not only was I using it to sign clients, I taught it to the clients I signed and they were using it to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in their businesses.

I know it can be hard for my heart-centered entrepreneurs to acknowledge that transactions have to come before transformations but that where I come in, I’m going to mentor you to create massive income and impact in the simplest, feel good way possible. The work we do together will lay the foundation for a 6-figure and beyond business.

It’s time to stop flailing, it's time to start thriving.


Alumni Tell ALL

"If you have a business that you LOVE but are struggling to share the value of without feeling "sales-y", you need to work with Coach Courtney. She helped me secure more clients than ever and is a transformational yet down-to-earth coach that truly wants to see, and help you, succeed."

- Sarah Scott-Posey

"I have gained so much more confidence and clarity in my business and as an authority figure in my field. Huge growth in everything overall! From start to finish there has been a big mindset shift going from seeing myself as an inexperienced beginner to becoming a confident authority figure over my business.

- Lyndie Putnam

"I understand how to prioritize my business to-do list now! Instead of feeling overwhelmed with the uncertainty of where to start or what to do I now know exactly what to do to get my business moving in the right direction! I wake up every day with a plan now, no more guessing my way through the day."

- Lindsey Salmas

hello, social proof

past clients

What would you tell those who want to work with Courtney?

"...if they are interested in viewing Instagram as something more than just a social media platform and instead as a way to build a sustainable business they should definitely join the program!"

- Sarah Myrick

"Courtney is a sweet and approachable coach. She teaches a TON of strategies and provides mindset tools throughout the week - you just have to apply it!"

- Jessica Kettenbach

""If they want to grow their business, you are their lady. I have already told a few people about you. ☺️"

- Brenda Kaarhus

“I've already recommended this program to so many people! I have told them what a safe and encouraging container it is, and how you're really invested in our success. How you stayed on the call as long as you needed to get us the information and answer our questions, and how you were always available outside our calls to answer questions and cheer us on.”

- Anna Krishtal

"Courtney is so supportive and knowledgeable. That even if you don't have a biz in place she will work with you to give you the tools you need to hit the ground running when you are ready :)"

- Sarah Jackson

"Courtney truly changed my life. Coming into her program, I was drowning in self-limiting beliefs, a scarcity mindset, and total analysis paralysis towards what direction to go with my business. I knew I had to step up and hire a business coach, and I knew she was the perfect fit for me! The investment was 1000000% worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat. The knowledge you learn is priceless and she puts everything in a way that is so simple with clear action plans and homework. She always checks in with you and genuinely cares about your growth. With her, I not only gained over 150 followers but I also gained 4 clients! I’m so excited to continue implementing the valuable tools she’s given me in my business and see how far it takes me."

- Kelsey Kyrger


When will you be launching this program again?

How much access will I get to Courtney?

What is the refund policy?

When will the weekly calls be?

What if I have a specific question for Courtney?


Launching again in Fall 2022

When will you be launching this program again?


You will have access to Courtney during weekly live coaching calls in our Private Facebook Community. 

How much access will I get to Courtney?


There isn't one. Since this is a coaching service, there is no return option on the knowledge learned.

What is the refund policy? 


The call times are TBD and are based on group availability. It’s important to Courtney that students are on the Live Coaching calls so inside our Facebook Community there will be a poll to vote on a date and time, the date and time chosen will be one that works best for the collective.

When will the weekly calls be?


You can contact support at and her team will answer your questions directly.

What if I have a specific question for Courtney?


Client love

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