Here leaders come together to complement one another's knowledge & expertise- a round table of women who are making QUANTUM LEAPS in their life & business.

This mastermind is designed for coaches who want to scale & sustain consistent high cash months by creating offers that inspire them, with business models that align with their energies, and brands that reflect their unique identities.

Live the Lifestyle Mastermind is going to help you create a business that supports your lifestyle, not the other way around. Here you'll tap into my expertise, energy, and strategies to rapidly increase your income to the level you desire.

 My intention is to help you sell, create, and launch your unique offerings effectively and authentically, without turning into a clone of me or anyone else.

Are rapidly scaling toward 6-figures and multiple 6-figures (they’ve started hitting 4 figure months but want to make it more consistent and start majorly expanding toward a larger vision).

Consider themselves growth minded, want to be pushed to think outside the box and embrace getting out of their comfort zones.

Know their businesses are meant to create BIG things but are just a little stuck on the “how and what” to scale consistently without feeling like they have to "fit the mold" or "do what everyone else is doing" to be successful.

Aren't looking for quick wins or a Hail Mary. This mastermind isn't a life raft, it's a mother f**king yacht.

To be even more specific, this Mastermind is for coaches who…

As a member of this exclusive community, you'll have the chance to coach in my programs and become a future leader in the coaching industry

You'll build and scale a thriving business that works in harmony with your lifestyle. By joining this mastermind, you'll gain the tools, resources, and support you need to elevate your income, energy, & mindset to the next level without sacrificing other areas of your life.

You'll learn how to develop consistent strategies and systems to execute your launch and business plans effectively, achieve your income goals month after month, and have so much fun along the way. Our goal is to empower you to expand, lead, and elevate in all areas of your business while enjoying the freedom and fulfillment you deserve.

Inside Live the Lifestyle Mastermind...

You integrate a purpose-driven strategy and a transformative approach to selling. The energy is different, the conversations are different, the belief in yourself is different, and the belief in your audience to make decisions is different. You’re signing more clients, welcoming in more inquiries, and feeling good while you do it.

You start to own your power as the LEADER of a 6 figure business. You have an unshakeable belief in yourself, your intuition in business, and your ability to achieve whatever you set your mind to. You lead yourself and others with energy and excitement - opening yourself up to serving more and more soul-aligned clients. 

Your business model energizes you, generates more wealth, and creates new opportunities. Not only does this impact and support you, but it also impacts and supports the people you care about the most. You have the foundation for your business to sustain itself, and thrive, in all seasons of your life, and it feels fucking incredible.

You’ll learn to own the results and success you’ve ALREADY achieved in business. Through this confidence you’ll redefine your standards and clarify your vision to create a strategic business model that aligns with your values, energizes you, and simplifies your journey to 6 figures.

This is all about sustainability and growth. By tapping into your unique coaching style, you’ll create offers that not only align with your vision, but also make it easy for you to start hitting those higher income months. Offers that are priced strategically, allow you to serve more clients, and create a clear customer journey so people buy over and over again. 

You ditch the unoriginal, boring rhetoric that makes its way through your industry every month and learn how to unapologetically share YOUR message. Your content is different, you are different - it’s exciting and igniting for your audience AND you. You’ve positioned yourself as a sought-out leader in your industry.

Month 6: Sustainability

Month 4: Soulful Sales

Month 5: Personal Power

Month 3: Activation

Month 1: Restoration

Your Transformation




Month 2: Ascension 


What's Included?

($9,000 VALUE)
You'll receive access to all of my online programs and any new offers I launch during our time working together- EVERY RESOURCE that I have will be made available to you.

($3,000 VALUE)
Guest experts, both live and pre-recorded to deepen your learning experience, exposing you to different perspectives, strategies, & industry insights. These expert speakers cover a wide range of topics, including marketing strategies, mindset shifts, cycle syncing, branding, and more!

($3000 VALUE)
In between calls we'll communicate through our Mastermind Telegram chat. This feature is a client favorite because this is where the magic happens, continuous 1:1 support from me AND the community in the palm of your hand.

($997 VALUE)
One on one, we'll deep dive into your business, crafting a comprehensive vision & step-by-step plan for the next six months of insane growth. This session sets the foundation for our journey together, aligning your goals with strategic actions to unlock the full potential of your business.

($7,000 VALUE)
This is masterminding at its finest (& the fun part!). On these calls you’ll get individualized support from me & the other members on whatever you are working on. Think collaboration, roundtable discussion, & conversations that have the power to change your life & business.

($5,500 VALUE)
One monthly 1:1 coaching call per month where you’ll plug into personalized strategies and mentorship to receive hands-on guidance for your individual needs.

($5000 VALUE)
In between calls we'll communicate through our private Mastermind Telegram chat, continuous PRIVATE 1:1 support from me the palm of your hand.

Client love

client love client love client love client love

past clients

"What changes have you seen in yourself & in your business over the last 6 months?"

“I have grown immensely in this time! I went from being time poor and tapped out with too many clients to being able to level up my marketing, launch new offers, take on new dream clients, let go of unaligned clients, and build my team!”

- Kerri J.

“I am no longer a timid business owner! I am finding that I have a newfound confidence with my content and what I have to bring to the table. I have clarity in my worth and know where I want to spend my time & energy”

- Michaela D.

“Phew okay! Launching the course and selling it out! Getting more organized with the support of a VA and copywriter. Releasing some of the pressure on myself to constantly show up on social media. Deciding to speak to one ideal client. I think my mindset has changed more than anything else. I feel more in control and empowered to do what I need to do based on my business. I liked that you always encouraged me to be strategic but with my spin.”

- Ash F.

“Well... it's absolutely transformed in every way. When we first started working together, I had a full set of social media management clients and was only sharing IG tips.... uninspired and unexcited by my business. This container was IT for me. The weekly calls & Voxer check-ins were great, as well as all of the resources that you shared. Before this, I had tried to sell courses and got 0 traction, energy, DM's, etc. Zilch. So I kept doing SMM because it was what was working, but not what I wanted to do. Now, my audience online is turning into warm leads. I'm getting interest in my stories, having direct message conversations like I never did before, and my product suite makes me feel so confident going forward into this year. My business now feels like a launching pad to do what I want to do. It's really, really exciting.”

- Brynn P.


6 months

Deadline to Join:

This is a first come first serve mastermind. This group will 100% be filled with women who are ready to transform their lives and step into the next level version of the woman they want to become.


Payment plan: $1,667/month for 6 months
Pay in full: $9,500

Exclusive Presell Pricing:

Payment plan: $1,333/month for 6 months
Pay in full: $7,777

Client love

client love client love client love client love