I want you to have a feel for the energy of this container so here's the Launching Mindset module straight from pre-work inside the course so when you click BUY it is a FULL BODY YES.

full body yes

Whether it's cosmic fate, your intuition, or the algorithm doing its job you're here on the Live Launch Lab sales page for a reason and that reason is to sell out your next launch.

Does this sound familiar…..

It’s launch day, hooray!! The launch vibes are high, you know this launch is going to change everything. You can’t wait to open the cart and see the applications rolling in. You send out an email, post on social media, go live on Instagram and… crickets.

Day 2: You’re refreshing your inbox, but no new applications. You go check Twitter to see if Instagram is down again… nope. People are just scrolling you by.

Day 3: Now you’re the one who can’t stop strolling, comparing yourself to everyone else as the imposter syndrome starts setting in. Another sold out launch for Stacey…

Day 4: Scarcity sets in, and you think “maybe if I discount my offer more people will be interested”. So you start slashing prices like Nordstrom Rack, but still crickets.

Day 5: Right about now the idea of ever launching again seems exhausting because you can’t imagine how it could get any easier.

It’s not about doing all the things, it’s about having a framework that you can take and make work for you and your business wants + needs.

This doesn’t have to be your experience. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed throughout your entire launch, launching can help you secure BIG cash injections and it gets to be fun and easy.

“With guidance on the right actions, I was able to launch a successful group program and make 5x as much as I did in last year's group program! Courtney made the launching process clear, simple and effective. She helped me articulate my message in a clear way to connect with my ideal clients and really showcase my value. Courtney helped me fully believe in myself, my message and my business. I 100% recommend anyone looking to grow their business on social media to work with Courtney.”

“After working with Courtney, I actually understand the strategy behind launching & feel confident replicating it for any offer. It's also the first time I've launched and SOLD OUT all my spots! I feel so much more relaxed now knowing that I have guaranteed income for the next few months. I’m even raising my prices for the next launch and already booking it up!”

Megan Louise,
Health & Fitness Coach

Danielle D’Alesio, Mindset Coach

"No matter what you think, if you have an online business, you're going to be launching all the time. Even if you think you're going to create something passive, learning how to launch effectively is going to be the backbone to a lot of the rest of your business. It helps you become more intentional with the content you create in ways that actually help you achieve your goals and help your business grow, rather than throwing something out on Instagram or in an email and hoping it sticks. This program helps you focus on what matters, become an authority in your industry, and take your business to that next level."

Sara Lopes,
Self-Discovery Coach

Part 1 Sales & Marketing:

You’ll learn how to craft your unique message that attracts your ideal client and invites sales conversations with potential clients daily. We’ll also learn the psychology behind why women buy, and high level tactics that will help you see the sales process from a whole new perspective.

Designing Your Offers
Market Research
Creating Your Launch Calendar
Launching Mindset

5 Pre-recorded Modules

Part 2 Launch Content:

How amazing would it feel to know exactly what to post each day of your launch? You’ll learn what to post to attract dream clients, make you extremely visible, and position yourself as an authority in your industry so you can become in demand.

Part 3 Planting the Seed:

This is where we’ll dive into the first phase of the launch process. This is all about warming up your audience and getting them excited for what’s coming next by using various presale methods to qualify warm leads. These are going to be the leads that you nurture and sell to behind the scenes so you can walk into your launch with spots already snagged!

Part 4 Communicating Your Value:

Hello, phase 2 of the launch framework. This is where you release your core strategy, facilitating “aha moments” for your audience, and use your signature framework to stand out from others in your industry. This allows potential clients to be sold on your process because they can see clearly you’ll guide them to their desired transformation step-by-step.

Part 5 Sell Out to Close:

This is the final phase of a launch where you’ll learn the steps to opening your cart and actually seeing sales come through with a number of different tactics and psychological principles. Hello, officially sold out launch.

What to Expect:




This is the ultimate strategy + tactics roadmap to selling out your launches.


Plug and play? I’ve got you covered so you don’t have to guess your way through it.


Say goodbye to stressful launches because your launch calendar will keep you on track so there’s no last minute scrambling to get things in order.


Imagine having a community of supportive badass women just like you to go through this launch journey together. This is also a safe space to ask all of your questions and I’ll be checking in a few times a day to make sure you get them answered.

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Hey soul sister

I’m Courtney Kimble, your Sales and Marketing Strategist and Transformative Business Mentor who’s obsessed with launching. Launching has allowed me to scale my business to 6+ figures, hire a team, pay off debt and live a lifestyle I didn’t think was possible for me.


My clients have used this launch framework to generate a million dollars in sales and now it’s your turn. Inside the Live Launch Lab you’re going to get THE launch framework to sell out your launches and skyrocket your sales.

When I say cool coach, I don’t mean Louis Vuitton toting, jet setting, full hair and makeup on fleek 24/7. I’m more of a last season's Michael Kors at Marshalls, and how many days can I get away without washing my hair, is this a drivable AirBNB pet friendly kinda coach. ⁣⁣What I mean by cool is…⁣⁣ My clients get a cool coach who:⁣⁣⁣ ⁣shows up for them⁣⁣⁣, inspires them to think differently⁣⁣⁣, challenges, empowers ⁣⁣⁣and provides clarity⁣⁣.

My philosophy is accentuating the simplicity in your biz. This launching framework is going to feel easy, it will feel simple and fun because the funds follow the flow and the fun!